Environmentally sustainable

We live on the environment

There are different types of tourism, based on different travel reasons. It can be shopping, culture, sun and swimming, culture or nature activities, which make you choose the trip and destination.

Gotland and Ljugarn as a visitor destination and tourist destination depend on the travel reason sun & baths and the activities which the environment enables. In our case, it means clean water and cleaned beach and nature. These are nature-based activities to a large extent, so the fact is that we live on the environment.

This is how we work sustainably!

We have chosen to try to work as sustainably as possible. Sustainability for us is that it should work;

· financially: we must be stable and sustainably profitable, for long-term survival and development

· social: we treat everyone equally, we follow laws and regulations and we have collective agreements. In addition, we try to work non-profitable locally, and we support Ljugarns IF and other associations both financially and through work.

· Environmentally: this is a challenge that we naturally take on. See below for the work we do.

Environmentally sustainable

At Ljugarns Semesterby & Camping we have done a lot since we took over 2005. The cabins and the business have been around since 1955, so of course there have been things to improve.

We have gradually done things to become more sustainable. We are far from spotless, but we are constantly working to improve. We have also chosen to devote considerable resources to investments in sustainability, both for economic and environmental reasons. So far, since 2006, we have invested approximately 30 million SEK into the facility, of which approximately 5 million SEK has been invested directly in solutions that provide better sustainability.

This is what we’ve done:

· Air – water pumps and solar panels to heat hot water in the service blocks and in the pools.

· Recycling of the hot air which sucks out hot air from the service blocks to heat hot water.

· Low flushing water taps and toilets to reduce water consumption.

· Reduce the shower times for each shower in the service blocks.

· Replace lighting for LED fixtures which is still in progress.

· No disposable products (almost), we have removed mini soaps / shampoos.

· Electric car chargers installed as part of TESLA’s destination charger program and that we have participated in the electric car chargers project “Elbilslandet på Gotland.”

· Solar cells have been installed and we are now producing our own electricity.

· Food waste is largely recycled, thereby reducing waste mountains and transports.

· Waste sorting of all fractions that our recycling supplier can handle (glass, plastic, paper / cardboard)

· Built a wastewater treatment plant to purify wastewater.

We are certainly doing more things and we are definitely not doing enough. We can always get better. But, and this is important, we strive to make a positive difference.

The future?

We don’t lack ideas for further steps. We try to keep up and learn from the development, which is going very fast right now.

Some things we are curious about:

· Battery operation to reduce the load during certain times of the day.

· Increase the number of solar cells

· Recycle water to use it to flush toilets.

· Reduce the use of paper in our service blocks.

· Reduce the use of plastic in the business.

Co-Give Gotland

Co-Give Gotland

In recent years, a lot of attention has been paid both to the baltic sea’s water quality and the lack of drinking water supply on Gotland. The climate changes and the water supply has significantly affected visitors and locals on Gotland.

There are several projects on Gotland that have a strong focus on water and environmental issues. Sustainable development requires both commitment and resources and therefore we are working on a financial solution that we call Co-Give Gotland. The efforts that Co-Give Gotland will support are things that will benefit both visitors and locals. We want to help in projects where funds can make a difference to the climate and water supply on Gotland.

Why should I contribute?

We believe that we share the love of Gotland and everything that Gotland can offer and that you want to continue visiting Gotland over and over again. By making a contribution, you support local development. For 10 SEK per day you are contributing, together we can help improve the water supply and environment on Gotland. This is a private initiative to help and support local environmental projects on Gotland.

How is the money used?

Co-Give Gotland is involved in co-financing water and environmental projects on Gotland. Co-Give Gotland is responsible for how the money should be managed and distributed in the projects. Every year, the grant will go to a project designated by Co-Give Gotland.