Co-Give Gotland

In recent years, a lot of attention has been paid both to the baltic sea’s water quality and the lack of drinking water supply on Gotland. The climate changes and the water supply has significantly affected visitors and locals on Gotland.

There are several projects on Gotland that have a strong focus on water and environmental issues. Sustainable development requires both commitment and resources and therefore we are working on a financial solution that we call Co-Give Gotland. The efforts that Co-Give Gotland will support are things that will benefit both visitors and locals. We want to help in projects where funds can make a difference to the climate and water supply on Gotland.

Why should I contribute?

We believe that we share the love of Gotland and everything that Gotland can offer and that you want to continue visiting Gotland over and over again. By making a contribution, you support local development. For 10 SEK per day you are contributing, together we can help improve the water supply and environment on Gotland. This is a private initiative to help and support local environmental projects on Gotland.

How is the money used?

Co-Give Gotland is involved in co-financing water and environmental projects on Gotland. Co-Give Gotland is responsible for how the money should be managed and distributed in the projects. Every year, the grant will go to a project designated by Co-Give Gotland.