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Walking along vast swathes of beach with the sun on your back, the sand stretching into the distance and the ever-present sea close by is little short of a meditation. The same can be said of a walk through the rock formations: Ljugarn is home to Folhammar, Gotland’s second largest group of rock formations, which stretches more than 5 km and nourishes the soul with its beauty so raw and barren yet so inviting. Clamber up onto a rock and gaze out over the water for an unbelievably beautiful and ethereal experience, particularly as the sun goes down. A variety of walks can be found in and around Ljugarn. 

Walking poles are available at the holiday village, as is a map of the local paths. Alternatively, download the map here.

If geocaching is your thing, the east coast is a fantastic hunting ground for geocaches, not only in Ljugarn but also beyond… why not try your luck on the Sjaustruledenwalk?

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På semesterbyn kan ni låna vandringsstavar och även få en karta på de olika vandringslederna eller skriva ut dem direkt här.

För er som praktiserar Geocaching är östkusten fantastisk att besöka och leta efter geocachar. Det finns ett antal geocachar i Ljugarn men givetvis också utanför Ljugarn, tex Sjuastruleden.

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